Ensminger Lab

Molecular Plant Physiology,
Global Change Biology & Photosynthesis

Department of Biology
University of Toronto, Mississauga

Dr. Ingo Ensminger

Research on the Biology of Trees, Global Change & Photosynthesis

Our goal: A better understanding of tree responses to environmental change for productive and resilient forests – From molecular to leaf, species and ecosystem levels.

The importance of photosynthesis and carbon uptake in defining the extent and scale of predicted future global environmental change is a major theme of our research. We investigate interactions of temperature, photoperiod, water availability and biotic stresses, and how metabolic imbalances caused by these stresses are used as signals for the regulation of primary carbon and isoprenoid metabolism of trees.

We are located in the Department of Biology at the University of Toronto, Mississauga.

Areas of Research

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Environmental stress physiology of plants

How do plants adapt and acclimate to environmental change?

How will climate change affect future forests

Will elevated temperature increase the carbon sink of conifer forests?

Response of photosynthesis and carbon metabolism to low temperature

Evergreen trees are an amazing model system

Lab News

Congratulations! Devin defends his MSc thesis

On Friday January 08, 2021 Devin defended his MSc thesis. The committee was impressed by the breadth of methods Devin had used and how he integrated the various types of data to evaluate how conifers manage water and temperature stress. Well done Devin!
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Congratulations Dr. Wong: Chris defends his PhD thesis

After his research seminar and final oral exam, Chris follows the UTM Biology tradition and adds his signature on one of the stem discs in the UTM Biology hallway. Well done! Chris successfully defended his PhD thesis, but due to the Covid 19 situation, this was a very different event. Just a few days before … Congratulations Dr. Wong: Chris…
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Chris will defend his thesis on March 18

Chris Wong will defend his PhD thesis on March 18, 2020. The public talk starts at 13:00 in DV3129. Chris Wong will defend his PhD thesis on March 18, 2020. The public talk with the title “Multiscale assessment of phenology and productivity of Northern forests” starts at 13:00 in DV3129. Hope to see many of … Chris will defend his…
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Ariana defended her Masters Thesis

Ariana Besik defended her Masters thesis today: Intraspecific Variation in Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Pigment Composition in White Spruce (Picea glauca): New Physiological Traits for Identifying Trees Better Adapted to New Climates. Congratulations, well done.
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