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Congratulations Dr. Wong: Chris defends his PhD thesis

After his research seminar and final oral exam, Chris follows the UTM Biology tradition and adds his signature on one of the stem discs in the UTM Biology hallway. Well done! Chris successfully defended his PhD thesis, but due to the Covid 19 situation, this was a very different event. Just a few days before …

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New Publication co-authored by Chris, Ingo in PNAS

Chris and Ingo collaborated with colleagues from the University of North Carolina, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, University of Barcelona, NASA and the U.S. Forest Service on a project aiming to assess phenology in conifers using remote sensing. On Monday their findings were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences:
Gamon JA, Huemmrich KF, Wong CYS, Ensminger I, Garrity S, Hollinger DY, Noormets A, Peñuelas J (2016) A remotely sensed pigment index reveals photosynthetic phenology in evergreen conifers PNAS 113, 1387-1392. doi:10.1073/pnas.1606162113